The church of Sant Andrèu de Casau is a typical example of one of the key characteristics of the Val d’Aran’s ecclesiastical architecture: the coexistence of different artistic styles in the same building. The baptismal font is a magnificent example of Romanesque iconography, strikingly figurative and symbolic in content; on the outside surface of the basin we find a representation of Christian beliefs, using symbols such as fish, among others, to illustrate the regeneration and immortality of the soul achieved through the sacrament of baptism.
Another Romanesque feature of the church of Sant Andrèu is the sculpture of Christ set into the upper section of the portal, as well as the wooden carving of the Virgin Mary with the infant Jesus in her lap; thanks to a recent restoration, it has been possible to bring out the original polychromatic finish of the piece in its entirety.
The rest of the church includes elements dating from different historical periods; thus we find a portal designed on Gothic lines (15th Century); the bell tower, raised, like most Aranese bell towers, during the 18th Century; and in particular, a magnificent collection of sculptures that includes superb examples of 17th and 18th century religious imagery.