A great meal is the perfect way to recharge your batteries after enjoying the impressive range of outdoor leisure activities the region offers.

Discover the local cuisine in Vielha’s many friendly restaurants. On their menus you’ll find delicious traditional dishes such as the “Òlha Aranesa” (a hearty soup made with a long list of ingredients including pork, chicken, beans, pasta and vegetables), game stews (venison and wild boar), many recipes that feature duck (including maigret - duck breast filets and confits) or popular puddings such as crêpes.

Eating out in Vielha is a pleasure whatever your preferences or your budget. From the finest haute cuisine to traditional dishes that evoke the scents and flavours of the high mountains. All prepared with the very best ingredients by chefs whose creations will satisfy the most demanding palates.

You’ll also find many restaurants and bars specialising in small tasting dishes and pintxos, miniature tapas-style snacks spiked on cocktail sticks. If you like the idea of a more laid-back and informal evening that combines drinks with a different style of eating out, we recommend that you take a tour of these bars, mainly located in Vielha’s old town, the pedestrian areas and the shopping district. Come and taste these miniature culinary works of art, and be amazed by the skill of chefs who, influenced by Basque cuisine, have turned a snack into an irresistible temptation.

Whether you prefer a pintxo, a beer, a more sophisticated dining experience or a traditional meal, Vielha’s restaurants have what you are looking for.

To complete the range of dining options, every Tuesday throughout the year is Pintxo Pote night, with most bars in town offering a pintxo and a pote (one drink) at a set price. The creation of these pintxos allows chefs to let their imaginations run wild and experiment with new ideas, and their brilliance and skill has meant that, week after week, ever bigger crowds have been drawn to taste these delicious bite-sized portions of Aranese gastronomy.

Below, you’ll find details of the many dining options Vielha has to offer. You’ll find food to suit all tastes: traditional cuisine, international fine dining, restaurants offering set lunch menus, pizzerias and much more.